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We can help you create a program designed to get results! Just take a look at the results from our last 30 day weight loss challenge!

Results from Our Last 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Number of inches lost- Over 11 feet!!
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What our Clients say

  • I found my experience with Fit Body Kitchen to be an overall excellent experience! First, you won’t find nicer people to work with. They are focused on you and tailor the program to fit YOUR needs. Second, they are extremely knowledgeable. I have been interested in nutrition and exercise for most of my adult life and found some new tidbits and insights that were very helpful to my health journey. Third, the program works! I lost 7.5 inches in 30 days! I was already a size 4, so they helped me fine-tune my body inside and out. Fourth, the program is sustainable. I have incorporated the lifestyle changes into my daily life and plan to continue going forward. You can’t go wrong with Fit Body Kitchen, and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future!

    — Debby P. —
  • I love working with Leslie and Dustin. With their help I was able to lose over 10 pounds and get off my acid reflux medication. They always have helpful and healthful tips for me and suggestions on foods to choose. I hope to keep working with them. It has been successful for me.

    — Kim S. —
  • I used to hate dieting until I found Fit Body Kitchen. I’ve lost 47lbs so far! Best of all I like the flexible dieting approach that Dustin and Leslie take that allows me to eat the foods I want  while still getting results! Thanks

    — Rob D. —
  • I found Leslie & Dustin at Fit Body Kitchen when I was trying (to no avail!) to lose my last few pounds of baby weight. I have always considered myself healthy and work out regularly, but still could not drop those final 10 pounds. I was skeptical when I got started only because I thought I already knew how to eat “healthy”. Boy was I wrong! What I loved about working with Fit Body Kitchen was that it wasn’t just about being on a diet or losing weight, it was about making educated decisions about what you eat to nourish your body for the long term. I learned so much about the food choices I make on a daily basis & how I can make cleaner, healthier choices every day. During my program, Leslie bent over backwards to make herself available for any questions or help that I needed. She always encouraged me along the way with texts, calls & emails and kept me motivated to stick to my customized plan. And it didn’t hurt that the results came fast, too! By just implementing a few simple & healthy choices in my diet I was able to shed those final pounds & feel the best I’ve felt since before my pregnancy. I now feel educated & empowered to continue to make healthy choices to maintain the success that I’ve had with Fit Body Kitchen. Thanks Leslie & Dustin!

    — Sarah J. —
  • I’ve put on 12lbs of lean muscle mass. I’ve always wanted to “bulk up” but I when I tried on my own I just “fattened up” so I decided to get some help from Dustin and Leslie. I’m glad I did!

    — Tony F. —
  • I couldn’t be happier with the results I accomplished during my fit body challenge. We all know that eating healthy and working out are the basics to accomplishing your health goals but there’s so much more to it then that. During my 30 day challenge not only did I loose pounds and inches but I was informed about what I didn’t realize I was doing wrong. I’m still using all the knowledge they gave me and am continuing to learn from it as well. Leslie and Dustin welcomed me with open arms and I felt at ease with their guidance during every step. Can’t wait to do it again!

    — Lauren B. —
  • My sister and I have been working out with Dustin for a little over 2 years now. I can say that I am so much stronger then I ever thought I could be. He never ceases to amaze me on how many different workouts he can put together. We do something different each workout and he continues to shock my body with constantly changing things up. His knowledge on nutrition is endless. Any question we throw at him, he has the answer for. I love getting nutrition advice while I workout. Dustin and Leslie are both very educated in their business and are fun, kind people to be around. We enjoy every workout even though I leave exhausted.

    — Nicole E. —
  • Last November I decided I wanted to lose weight. I had tried in the past, but was unsuccessful. Since it was right before the holiday season, I had my doubts. But Leslie told me it was the best time to try. So I did. She made it so easy, and I lost 5 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not only did I lose weight, but I lost 9 inches over my entire body. I highly recommend Fit Body Kitchen. Thanks, Leslie!

    — Melissa E. —
  • My sister and I have been working out together with Dustin for over two years now. He is skilled, thoughtful, sensible and a pleasure to work with and talk to. Dustin knows just how and when to encourage and when to push us. We are stronger and more flexible than we ever imagined we could be. Working out has become fun. Dustin & Leslie have also guided us in our nutrition to help us succeed, and it has been great.We give them our highest recommendation.

    — Amy M. —


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Recipes and Cookbooks

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals – 110 Great Tasting Recipes Your Family Will Love!

42 Delicious Fat Burning Recipes – (FREE) from Dustin Boswell Fitness

Protein Powder and Supplements

Supplements – We are passionate about recommending the highest quality products with regards to their nutrition content, stellar ingredients, & no artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or fillers! All nutrition plans come with customized supplement suggestions.

Flavor-Infused Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars

The Tasteful Olive – The Tasteful Olive has over 60 fresh unflavored, fused and infused olive oils and aged, naturally flavored balsamic vinegars to sample before you buy. We love this place and the people who own it! Plus, your salad will never have tasted so good. Even if you’re not local you can always order from them online. Check them out!

Fitness Partners

Bar Method Studios Leawood & West Plaza – Integrates the fat burning format of interval training, the muscle shaping technique of isometrics, the elongating principles of dance conditioning, and the science of physical therapy to create a revolutionary new workout that quickly and safely reshapes your entire body.

I (Leslie) personally workout at the Bar Method when I am not working out with my wonderful husband, Dustin…it is the most fantastic workout with fantastic results. I absolutely adore the owner, Hoddy, the amazing instructors, & the awesome ladies who sweat it out & “shake” at the Bar Method. You need to come take a class…You’ll be hooked :)

Dustin Boswell Fitness– This may be a little biased (BUT as his wife)…  Dustin Boswell could possibly be the best & most effective personal trainer on the planet :) All bias aside, his clients & their results speak loud & clear. Some of them are on his website so make sure & check it out.

As a current fitness model, a former collegiate decathlete, and a host of other wonderful things, Dustin has the experience, discipline and the expert nutrition component to help you achieve your transformation goals. Ladies & gentlemen alike…if you have seen my hubby’s abs then you know what I’m talking about :)

Even if you just need a swift kick in the pants a couple times a week to supplement your other workout regimen…Dustin Boswell Fitness is where you need to be so that your fitness & nutrition are taken to the next level.

Ripped Cardio –  is collection of 30+ H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio routines to help you get “Ripped” fast!

If you’re tired of the same old cardio routines…or your current workouts burning fat fast enough….Download “Ripped Cardio” and start getting results today!


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